The Magic Mile is a free running challenge pitting runners against the clock over the iconic distance of one single mile.

It's an event that is open to runners of all abilities. Participants run one mile in an organised Magic Mile event, or other mile event, or run their mile solo in their own time wherever they like.

The Magic Mile is all about having fun, doing something different, experiencing running faster and getting involved.

Anyone can run one single mile as fast as they can. So, give it a go.


1. Set up your own 'real' Magic Mile event.

You can set up your own 'real' Magic Mile event and invite your friends, running club, workplace, gym or anyone else to join you. Anyone can come along and join your event.

2. Set up your own 'virtual' Magic Mile event.

A virtual Magic Mile can be done anywhere, by anyone, on the same day. This is great for people who want to do a mile on their own terms in their time but within a community of other runners. Anyone can sign up and join your virtual event.

3. Just run one single mile as fast as you can solo.

You don't have to join a real or virtual event. You could just sign up, run a mile as fast as you can during the competition period and log your mile time.

A few general rules.