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Blackpool Marathon and Half Marathon

Country: United Kingdom
Date: 11 Mar 2012
Distance: Marathon
Participants (Attending): 14 Runners
Participants (Maybe): 0 Runners
11 Runners have added their Results
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  1. Nigel Marley
    Posts: 15

    Good run it went to plan apart from a toilet stop at half way. Flat as a pancake course and minimal wind . Next stop VLM

    Avatar 11th March 2012 16:10:36    
    Andrew Thomas Says:

    Great result mate is that a pb for you I did the half so I must have clapped you in at the end

    Avatar 11th March 2012 16:30:13    
    Nigel Marley Says:

    Thanks Andrew , not a pb its 11 min slower then that. Well done on your half

    Avatar 11th March 2012 16:42:43    
    Andrew Thomas Says:

    Am impressed my long term goal is to get a sub 3hr marathon scares me tho that the pace I held today and slightly faster will be needed for the full 26.2

    Avatar 11th March 2012 16:45:06    
    John Ford Says:

    Hi Nigel - you didn't mention that you won the race comfortably!! I ran with you quite a bit and saw you nip into the portaloo at half way, which put me in the lead - a strange experience!! I started to struggle at about 20miles and was 2nd until mile 23 - struggled last few miles and didn't feel too good.
    You looked very comfortable - good luck at vlm!

    Avatar 11th March 2012 17:07:54    
    Nigel Marley Says:

    Hi John, how you feeling now? You looked like you had given your all

    Avatar 11th March 2012 17:26:17    
    John Ford Says:

    I'm better now Nigel - yep really went for it - just not good enough, but I gave it my best shot - no regrets!
    Like the way you stepped on the gas when told that 1st not far ahead - although it was my clubmate doing the half (with the late number, with the blue half writing on!)

    11th March 2012 13:54:39
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  2. Andrew Thomas
    Posts: 9

    Half marathon - started off hard then just hung on for the remainder

    11th March 2012 16:14:17
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  3. John Ford
    Posts: 436

    Went for it - 2nd to 23miles, then wheels came off and struggled in (8m30s last mile!), finishing 6th. Sticking to Snowdonia from now!

    Avatar 11th March 2012 21:58:43    
    Richard Cockbain Says:

    Ah, that was you John - I was the bloke who asked if you were ok in the last mile - you were looking like you were struggling a bit at that point but you obviously pulled it back! Well done - you got the 2:50!

    Avatar 12th March 2012 09:42:34    
    John Ford Says:

    Yep Richard - I was really worried that I was about to have another hypoglycaemic attack - the last time was in a hilly 12.5k race and wasn't pleasant - I don't rememer the last mile of that race - I was, apparently, zig zagging and pretty much collapsed at the finish line - taken to hospital in an ambulance!

    11th March 2012 16:48:18
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  4. Andrew McEvoy
    Posts: 16

    In short: I set out for a gentle training run and ended up giving it a bit of welly

    In full: A massive positive split as the lack of long training runs took their toll but I'm happy with the outcome and am now looking forward to Manchester in 7 weeks.

    11th March 2012 18:34:24
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  5. Cass Chisholm
    Posts: 21

    I ran my socks off and got a pb, the flat course and being the town I grew up in definitely helped as did mums cooking! I'm super chuffed :)

    Avatar 12th March 2012 09:43:58    
    John Ford Says:

    Nice one Cass. I spent quite a few years living in Cleveleys and use to cycle along the seafront to school, so yesterday brought many memories back!

    11th March 2012 18:48:17
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  6. David Brunton
    Posts: 43

    Excellent if scrappy with a bad knee and a very stop start last 8 miles. PB by10 minutes - very happy!!

    11th March 2012 19:24:32
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  7. Simon Lake
    Posts: 28

    Half - good course, well marshalled. Better race HQ and changing/secure area than GNW a fortnight ago. Nice medal and decent goody bag.

    11th March 2012 19:34:10
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  8. Richard Cockbain
    Posts: 148

    Delighted with the result - a 5min PB and 4th place! Wore my Marathon Talk t-shirt and got a fair few shouts of encouragement from MTalkers!

    Avatar 12th March 2012 09:37:27    
    John Ford Says:

    Well done Richard - you must be well chuffed with the sub 2h50m, given what you had previously said/your MT target. Sorry I didn't get to speak to you, although I think you may have said some words of encouragment as you went past me in the last 0.5mile - you probably wouldn't have got any sense out of me I was on a different planet - legs had gone and my blood sugar level was fairly low (the Wagon Wheel in the goody was appreciated and did just the trick!!)

    11th March 2012 21:56:58
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  9. Michael Hunt
    Posts: 26

    In short: Perfect day for Half Marathon in Blackpool. Finishing time of 1:19 and first v40 home!! Congrats to fellow runners. Roll on VLM

    In full: Perfect day for a Half Marathon in Blackpool. Finishing time of 1:19 is 3mins over PB and Marchvelous target but really chuffed given that 3weeks ago I had sprained ankle, pulled calf, stomach bug and chest infection. The only way is up

    Avatar 12th March 2012 09:39:20    
    John Ford Says:

    Good running Michael after the disrupted build up. I think my clubmate was a minute or so behind you (he ran with me for the 1st 8miles before pushing on) and was 2nd M40 (looking at the race results I was 1st M40 in the marathon). Good luck with London!

    Avatar 12th March 2012 21:48:10    
    Michael Hunt Says:

    Cheers John, felt really strong but just lacked a bit of speed endurance which meant that anything quicker than sub 6min miling felt a stretch .... Time for a few Park Runs before london to sharpen up...Awesome marathon time mate & congrats for joining the elite 1st v40 club!!! I didn't envy anyone who had to carry on and "do it all again"!! One big bonus I found was the lack of coastal wind...Usually at Blackpool you can expect a gale one way or another...Congrats again fella - top running ;-)

    11th March 2012 22:34:39
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  10. Mark Small
    Posts: 6

    Fantastic way to spend a birthday and really pleased with result.

    17th March 2012 22:39:10
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  11. Stu Wilkie
    Posts: 6

    PB Nice flat course 12th Place

    21st March 2012 13:06:52
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