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  1. Spencer Eames
    Posts: 75

    I have been running on my own for just over 3 years, and have enjoyed it but do not seem to be progressing as I would like. I am thinking of joining a running club, I would welcome your views on whether this is a good idea and what can a running club offer

    4th May 2012 11:55:23
  2. Adam Moger
    Posts: 33

    Running clubs are brilliant; look up local ones, try out the training nights of 2 or 3, then take your pick. (I've yet to come across one that isn't friendly, but some are a bit more "pro" than others & it all depends what you're after.)

    4th May 2012 12:40:18
  3. Graham Millington
    Posts: 29

    I ran for 2 years alone because running clubs just weren't my thing - all those people in funny vests taking it all so seriously. Besides, I didin't have the time to guarantee a regular attendnce at set times each week, and they were all bound to be faster than me and very intimidating.

    Eventually I realised my performances just didnt seem to be improving, and I also noticed what a lot of fun and banter seemed to be going on amongst club members at the various races I attended. I started to feel a bit left out stood on my own so plucked up the courage to join my local club - and its the best thing I've ever done running wise.

    Setting aside the expert, personalised coaching that helped me completely smash to bits all my old PB, forgetting the decades worth of knowledge and advice stored up amongst fellow runners who fall over themselves to share it with you, not counting the cameraderie and company at races, ignoring the support and encouragement of fellow runners who both "get it" and "mean it", taking no account of having someone to talk running with for hours on end who is actually interested, and setting aside the great friendships and good company t be was a waste of time joining really!

    I still love running alone, and do most of my weekly mileage that way - but its great to meet up with the club at least once a week to train properly. There is just no way I would have been able to do proper interval sessions on my own like we do as a group. I would have done it wrong for a start, and even without the expert coaching, you need to be in a group to really maintain full effort week in week out and reap the massive benefits of proper, structured training.

    I come away from weekly session on a real runners high with a huge dose of positive energy from the people I train with. Its the highlight of my week now!

    Join Spencer! Do it!

    4th May 2012 14:37:28
  4. Spencer Eames
    Posts: 75

    Thanks all, I have contacted my local club and waiting for them to get back to me, just need to get the wife to agree to me having two evening out training a week

    4th May 2012 15:09:06
  5. Tim Bateson
    Posts: 29

    Hi Spencer,
    I recently joined a running club and it has helped my improve my speed training. Having some on your heels or just in front of you to catch is a great motivator for pushing a little harder on speed sessions.
    My only issue is that it has done gone down to well with my wife as it means I am missing for 2 meal times mid week.

    My favourite runs are still the ones on my own though :)

    13th May 2012 08:16:08
  6. Richard Lyle
    Posts: 102

    I enjoy my club nights and I have a very understanding wife who doesn't mind in the least that I'm out training so often. I still do my long runs solo because that's my "processing" time and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    13th May 2012 21:48:23