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  1. Keith Piper
    Posts: 2

    I'm looking forward to this event. Hoping to improve on my Edinburgh time plus equal or better the 2 teams of my fellow work mates will be running in the relay event.

    Avatar 29th January 2012 22:43:31    
    Anthony Hatswell Says:

    Also hoping to improve on my Edinburgh time. Hoping it will be helped by Milton Keynes not being as Windy, cold, desolate, as dreadful a course, or as poorly organised as Edinburgh was last year!

    Avatar 28th April 2012 10:29:13    
    Anthony Hatswell Says:

    ... and looking at this comment, not as windy and rainy? Oh dear. We have forecast 24mph winds, and heavy rain!

    7th October 2011 05:52:34
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  2. Spencer Eames
    Posts: 75

    I am thinking about this but it is two weeks after Brighton and the wife will need convincing

    7th October 2011 11:41:05
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  3. Scott White
    Posts: 6

    I entered as, somehow I knew that I wouldn;t get into London. Looks like it'll be a flat course, so chance of a PB. ...Fingers crossed !

    7th October 2011 20:46:15
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  4. Steve Trotter
    Posts: 51

    Have had to pull out of this race as I've been invited to a wedding. Site says no refunds and no deferrals. Any advice on how I might get any of my money back would be greatly appreciated - Sadly think I've just given away best part of £50 (Still, at least I'll have a technical T-shirt for a marathon I didn't run!)

    Avatar 27th April 2012 13:44:31    
    Mark Atkinson Says:

    Pity I only just saw this. The organiser were offering free runner changes until 1st April which I thought was very reasonable and fair. My mate transferred his place to another runner in late March, all hassle free and didn't cost a penny.

    Given it wasn't sold out he couldn't ask for full value, but between them they agreed a price slightly less than the full entry fee so everyone's happy.

    Very impressed with the organisers.

    11th December 2011 12:40:07
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  5. Keith Piper
    Posts: 2

    Steve, that all sounds a little unfair. Write using the contact thingy on the MK site and get advice from the Race Director. Other events oftern offer entry to the next years event and or allow a change in runners. Post the same question on the and see if others have had issues.
    All the best.

    11th December 2011 12:57:04
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  6. Keith Luxon
    Posts: 65

    Hardly any big races in my experience offer "free" entry to next years race. Races like London and Brighton let you defer but charge you again next year. Very few big races allow substitution. Think is just a factor of a big race

    Not sure its that big a deal (although a pain for Steve)and unlikely to change

    11th December 2011 18:47:59
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  7. Paul Rudin
    Posts: 161

    Signed up for this. Not sure whether I'm going to run it full effort or use it as a training run for Edinburgh a month later. I'll see what kind of shape I'm in closer to the time.

    10th January 2012 14:30:32
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  8. Spencer Eames
    Posts: 75

    I am signed up for this now, I am also doing Brighton on 15th, so I think MK will be just to get around and enjoy the day.

    Avatar 1st February 2012 20:51:44    
    Lester Keates Says:

    Two of my friends are running Brighton and then coming up to run Milton Keynes. I assume Brighton is your A race? MK will be flat and if you're done the halves you'll know how beautiful the areas is, I'm sure you'll be fine... Good luck

    Avatar 2nd February 2012 11:33:08    
    Spencer Eames Says:

    Lester, Brighton is my A marathon but my B+ race as such is an ultra in July.

    1st February 2012 11:01:02
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  9. Gary Salmon
    Posts: 16

    Best of luck to everyone running on Sunday. My First marathon and really looking forward to it. Hopefully it will be the first of many to come.

    Avatar 23rd April 2012 11:02:46    
    Spencer Eames Says:

    gary best of luck, but be p[repared the bug will bite when you finish and get your medal, in marathon speak "never again" actually means I will look for and book my next one tomorrow

    Avatar 25th April 2012 20:37:28    
    Matt Rogan Says:

    good luck gary! i'm running too - just trying not to look at the long range weather forecast!

    Avatar 25th April 2012 22:08:38    
    David Tillyer Says:

    Is anybody else looking to run 3.08 or similar? ie; GFA with a safety margin

    23rd April 2012 10:49:28
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  10. Spencer Eames
    Posts: 75

    Looks like it is going to be a wet day

    Avatar 25th April 2012 17:38:21    
    Paul Rudin Says:

    Yeah - but 5 days out the forecasts are not terribly accurate - we could be lucky yet.

    Avatar 27th April 2012 07:24:55    
    Paul Rudin Says:

    This morning the radio was talking about "heavy rain" and "gale force winds" for Sunday :/

    Avatar 28th April 2012 10:30:44    
    Anthony Hatswell Says:

    24mph winds, 6 degrees, and heavy rain, sadly the forecast has firmed up!

    Avatar 28th April 2012 15:28:48    
    Barry Kopelman Says:

    Will still make the best of it, at least warmer than Berko Half - wet / sleet toards end!! Perhaps it will make me run faster to get dry and warm!!

    Avatar 28th April 2012 15:43:38    
    Anthony Hatswell Says:

    One way of looking at it!

    Still, I would take 11 degrees and overcast, as the clock doesn't slow down for the weather. Rain I can deal with, it is the wind that worries me!

    25th April 2012 16:30:09
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  11. Tony Llewellyn
    Posts: 22

    I did an 18 mile training run around the back half of the course a couple of weeks ago. It is mostly flat, and runs along the cycle paths. It is worth remembering that there are couple of short sharp rises between mile 23 and 25 as we come out from the different underpasses, plus an uphill incline for about a third of a mile as we go return along the back of the hospital. Not a big deal compared to some courses, but nevertheless an bit of shock to tired legs. At least I now know what is coming and will hopefully keep a bit of energy in reserve.

    Good luck to everyone.

    Avatar 25th April 2012 20:58:04    
    Chris Mercer Says:

    Thanks for the info Tony. :-) Best of luck on Sunday - you feeling confident? I hate this tapering lark - feel like I'm not doing enough!

    Avatar 26th April 2012 07:11:36    
    Paul Rudin Says:

    Yeah - I've done half marathons in MK a couple of times, those underpasses can be a bit unwelcome.

    Avatar 26th April 2012 13:47:59    
    Susan Mercer Says:

    Not sure I wanted to know about the short sharp rises but mostly flat is good. Hopefully will run to my plan and have some in reserve towards the end. Weather doesn't look great though so the underpasses my give some respite from the heavy rain!

    25th April 2012 20:48:10
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  12. Paul Rudin
    Posts: 161

    Looking forward to this run now. I'm treating it as a catered training run for Edinburgh a month later. My main objective is to run strongly in the last quarter - so I need the discipline to run slowly in the first half so that I don't blow up at the end.

    26th April 2012 07:53:10
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  13. Helen van Uem
    Posts: 50

    In short: My 1st.Do road marathons normally involve jumping over, clambering round & running through big deep puddles and fighting with wind & rain?

    In full: glad I did the training and did the run despite awful conditions (or is this all normal??). Baggage claim involved kind runners climbing into lorries and handing slightly wet bags out. If you can climb in a truck you could have run faster!! Saw Liz briefly at the start line but didn't see Martin who is wholely responsible for me toeing the line. Man suit no, wet suit yes. Flat, no. Where next?

    Avatar 29th April 2012 16:59:39    
    Helen van Uem Says:

    Oh and the marshalls and crowds were fabulous, thank you , thank you

    29th April 2012 16:58:16
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  14. Claire Wills
    Posts: 2

    In short: Wet and cold and windy!! But pleased to have done my first marathon :)

    In full: Despite the terrible weather amazing batches of supporters throughout and the marshalls were fantastic. Baggage collection and parking could have been better but probably not aided by the elements.

    29th April 2012 17:47:44
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  15. Paul Rudin
    Posts: 161

    In short: Windy, wet and cold - but fun nonetheless.

    In full: Managed to leave my watch behind (d'uh). This was supposed to be a training run for Edinburgh a month hence, and it went pretty well. My plan was to run slowly enough to feel good at the end and that more or less worked. I felt a bit sluggish going through halfway in 1:53, but felt pretty good for miles 16-24; passing loads of people. Around mile 24 my legs began to ache a bit and I slowed down for the last couple of miles. It would have been nice to run even splits, but 1:53, 1:55 is OK.

    The conditions were not great - wet, blowy and cold; but once you got into your running it wasn't too bad. Plenty of support round the course and everything seemed pretty well organised. I was glad that my parking reservation got randomly upgraded to the car park by the stadium so that I could get away quickly to make it home for a hot bath :)

    29th April 2012 18:15:06
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  16. Keith Luxon
    Posts: 65

    In short: Exactly 1 minute slower than VLM and not bad for number 13 this year. Wet, windy fun and amazing support. Nightmare on bag collection. Great

    In full: Start of taper for the 10 in 10 next month and supposed to run slower. Was too wet and windy to do that until I had warmed up so faster first half and deliberate slower second.Absolutely amazing marshalling and support given the weather. Wind was playful at times and rain varied betweeen annoying and drenching - think I have been dryer in a bath! But a good new marathon and hopefully will iron out the bag collection where early finsishers had to queue in wind an drain for 15 minute sto collect their bags without so much as a foil blanket to warm up.

    29th April 2012 19:11:28
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  17. Matt Rogan
    Posts: 4

    In short: Wet and windy; small ups and huge roundabouts; Missed my Boston qualifying time but pleased to be round intact on a tough day for everyone.

    In full: First time race which was always going to be a tough gig in less than ideal conditions. I agree with comments on supporters and marshalls - give the weather I was amazed how many came out. Thanks.

    The going got tough a tad earlier than I expected - I found the niggly little inclines started to sap my legs after a while and had tried to hold my goal pace despite the wind. I didn't feel I was ever really able to get into rhythm or run straight for more than a mile at a time.

    Notes to organisers - few things that could have been thought through given weather forecast's been bad all week -- foil for finishers (from finish to bag collection took 20 minutes after I gave up collected it myself)- hot drinks at finish for those really struggling (2 guys next to me were shivering within 10 secs of finish).

    I'm not sure it'll be on my list to do again rain or no rain...but it's all done now! Hope everyone got thru safely...would have been horrendous to try to walk run today...

    29th April 2012 19:45:14
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  18. Anthony Hatswell
    Posts: 54

    In short: Disappointed I didn't go sun-3, delighted a qualified for London!

    Unbelievable the rain/wind can be like this in essentially May!

    In full: Was going perfectly until mile 11, when I was forced to expend more energy due to the headwind. At mile 19 (still with headwind), I realised I had used too much energy to go sub 3.

    Passing 20 miles at 2.29, I knew I had London sorted though. I slowed down, and from 24 onwards did a run/walk, so I didn't get cramp and blow it completely.

    In summary, given the conditions, I had a great day at the office, and am still in one piece for the Annapolis half marathon, and a training trip to Ethiopia. I am happy :-)

    29th April 2012 19:49:29
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  19. Jason Langridge
    Posts: 21

    In short: Felt good until mile 24 and was aiming for sub 3:30 but calves locked at mile 24 and then had to zip up the man suit.

    In full: Really pleased with my time considering the awful weather - head winds all the way round and the red ways and running routes were mud, slush and huge puddles all the way round - staggered I don't have any blisters!

    Pleased with the final result though given the conditions!

    The organisers did an OK job but next year (if they want to do it again) - need to have foils for finishers and give people water straight after the finish - not after walking 3/4 the way round the pitch at Stadium MK.

    29th April 2012 20:52:08
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  20. Colin Baker
    Posts: 5

    Cold, windy and tough

    29th April 2012 21:32:24
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  21. Marnie Byles
    Posts: 20

    In short: Awful conditions, great support.

    In full: Terrible conditions throughout the race, my legs were having none of it from very early on. Very pleased to finish, unexpectedly high turnout of supporters and marshalls made the day. More like a tri with the deep puddles and muddy verges. Shame I missed out on a 04:04:04 clocking. Would have given it a go had I known I was so close. Still, marathon 13 in the bag and a great medal to boot.

    Avatar 10th May 2012 21:21:44    
    Adrian Bruce Says:

    Well done Marnie! A very brave run.

    Avatar 16th May 2012 17:20:55    
    Marnie Byles Says:

    Thanks Adrian. Country to Capital 45 run, 12th Jan 2013? Want to come?

    Avatar 16th May 2012 19:24:56    
    Adrian Bruce Says:

    Already registered for Thames Trot 50 2nd Feb 2013 - want to do that instead?

    29th April 2012 21:55:12
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  22. 03:04:28
    In short: Gloriously windy and wet

    In full: Ended up with all my wet weather gear stuffed down my shorts - inc arm warmers, beanie, buff and two pairs of gloves. Later chucked an empty gel wrapper in for good measure.

    Waddled over the finish line barely holding this all in, some of it tried to sneak out the left leg at mile 16 but I managed to shuffle it back in.

    Looking forward to some interesting race photos

    29th April 2012 21:58:39
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  23. David Tillyer
    Posts: 4

    In short: Yuki would be disappointed in me

    In full: Failed to hit my GFA target but didn't die of hypothermia so all good! Very impressed by the cheerful Marshall's and volunteers standing out in the freezing rain, massive thank you to them.

    29th April 2012 22:14:35
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  24. Paul Northern
    Posts: 7

    In short: Wet, windy became a trudge. My first back to back and pleased with 5 mins quicker time than VLM where I had quad issues.

    In full: Big thanks to marshals and supporters. As a friend said it was like snowdon without the hills. Need to take a leaf out of London's book and randomise the allocation of race no's - otherwise like today everybody turns up at the same truck at the same time. Not good when your turning blue. But as a first time event did quite well.

    29th April 2012 22:18:10
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  25. Gareth Snelson
    Posts: 7

    In short: Brrrrrrrrrilliant!

    In full: Wonderful support, great organisation under very challenging conditions. The support from marshals and the crowd was so uplifting. Wasn't expecting the paths to be flooded though, that must have cost me three seconds at least!

    29th April 2012 22:23:54
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