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Marathon Talk Community House Rules

As a running community we encourage everyone, regardless of ability, to take part and contribute towards Marathon Talk. You don't have to have done a marathon to be part of the Marathon Talk community. Just a passion for running and a friendly attitude.

To maintain a vibrant and friendly community within Marathon Talk we have created a few house rules:

Marathon Talk Moderation

We are keen that the Marathon Talk community moderate the content that is posted to this website. Consequently, against each post, you will see a "Report this post" link (you will have to be logged into the website to see this link). If any one post gets 5 "Reports" from the Marathon Talk community for breaking house rules then it will automatically be removed. You can only "report" each post once.

In addition to the above, there are a few moderators who are able to delete posts instantly if they feel they break the house rules.

If any post is removed by the community or by a moderator it will be noted on the forum where the post has been removed but you will not be able to see the content of this post.

Final Note

Above all, please enjoy and contribute constructively towards the Marathon Talk community and spread the word to the wider running world.