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Marathon Talk
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Daz Reevell gets punched by a horse, Bekele misfires in Chicago, Eliud Kipchoge doesn't, Rob Young has run 197 marathons in 180 days (OMG), Steve Moneghetti runs 69 minutes in Melbourne, we've got two stacked Listener Podiums, you Rate Your Run and we bring you the latest tweets from our interviewees.

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Talk Ultra
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We have a full and in-depth interview with Jason Schlarb? after his recent 4th place at the 2014 UTMB. Donnie Campbell? talks about his running career and winning the recent 3x3 80km High Terrain Events? in the UK and Claus Rasmussen talk about running Spartathlon… in sandals. The News a Blog, UP & Coming Races and Speedgoat Karl Meltzer?.

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parkrun Show
Oct 14, 2014

In this week's show Helen Williams stands in for Nicola and reveals her baby brain has scrambled her diary processing abilty, Danny's parkrun plans were sent awry by illness to TIO and there is much talk about the bewbs.

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Magic Mile

Run a single mile as fast as you can.


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