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parkrun Podcast - Episode 21 - Men Of Steel and Wonderwomen

Released: Monday 30th January 2012

With great parkrunning comes great responsibility. In this week's show Martin ran 16:61 at Poole and spoke of a new unblocked funnel, Tom was back in Harrogate but this time running and trying to 'hulk smash' a Comeback PB and Danny fell in love with a park called Valentines. They also bring you news of 12 year old Abbie Burrett who ran her 100th parkrun and found out what your alter ego's do during the day.


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Show Notes

New additions to the 100 Club

Norm "3:57am" Driskell's blog is here

Superhero references in order of appearance;

Kick Ass -

The Joker from 'The Dark Knight' -

Gotham City Wiki

'The Dark Knight' movie quote "You wanted me. Here I am."

Dick Grayson aka 'Robin' Wiki

Spider'dan' Original Cartoon Theme Song

The Incredibles on Imdb



Supergran Intro Music (sung by Billy Connolly!)

Faster than a speeding bullet - Superman

Webslinging Spiderman

Off to save Lois Lane BRB

Up, Up and Away!

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!