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Episode 110 - Karen Darke

Released: Wednesday 15th February 2012

We bring you up to speed with some goings on from the world of running including the Boston marathon elite fields. We look at who’s topping the tables in Febulous and what's happening in Marchvellous. We’ve got an amazing interview with an inspiring woman – Karen Darke. You rate your run, there’s a super chilly winner of the week, Tony brings us his trials and we talk '20 milers – to do or not to do' in training talk.


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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been celebrating Mart's birthday and cheering H round Poole parkrun

Martin's been celebrating his own 40th birthday and running round Poole parkrun, with H

Mark Barrow's 24 hour treadmill report is HERE.

20:56 - News 
- Marathon Talk Live from Leeds - details
- Check out Talk Ultra
- Lake Biwa Marathon (Japan Running News)
- Lucy Kabuu running VLM (link)
- Boston elite field (Lets Run)
36:15 - Tony's Trials
40:51 - Training Talk
- Twenty milers in the build up to you marathon... to do, or not to do?

50:28 - Interview
- Karen Darke... Team GB hand cyclist and inspiration to millions! 
1:17:44 - Winner of the Week
- Running Club North (Nominated by Caleb Frazier)
1:19:35 - Close

  1. David Blackman
    Posts: 127

    Karen is one amazing woman, and it's nothing to do with the fall. I think Karen would have been one of your interviewees whatever.

    Avatar 17th February 2012 07:02:52    
    Denis Markov Says:

    David, that's exactly what I thought today while listening to the show.

    Great interview and lots of inspiration!

    Avatar 20th February 2012 21:03:59    
    Vicky Unsworth Says:


    16th February 2012 14:59:16
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  2. Nick Rowe
    Posts: 51

    Brilliant interview and very inspiring!

    19th February 2012 16:35:29
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  3. Vicky Unsworth
    Posts: 113

    I worked a 12 hour day with a 8 mile run on my dinner and came home to my 6 miler and thought i really cant be bothered, then i remembered i still had the interview to listen to on this weeks show so thought i better get out to listen to it.

    Wowzzer came home in a totally different mood and frame of mind how amazing, and from now on i will be doing gold sessions instead of my usual killers haha fantastic way to end my day:) and what an inspiration will be watching out for Karen :)

    Avatar 20th February 2012 21:43:13    
    CJ Frazier Says:

    Yes, Gold Sessions is a GREAT way to put it. The power of positive thinking! I'm adopting the term too, for sure.

    20th February 2012 21:07:31
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