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Episode 111 - Steve Cram (Part One)

Released: Wednesday 22nd February 2012

On this week’s show we interview a legend of the golden era of British Middle distance running Steve Cram. It’s Marathon Talk Live today in Leeds. We update Febulous and introduce Marchvellous. Mary Keitany and Mo Farah run fast. Runners go long in the Brighton Half. Training Talk is all about how to work your pace out for a marathon. You rate your runs and this week there’s a Kiwi ranting.


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Show Notes

00:00 INTRO

- Martin's been...feeling heavy and trying to keep up with the OH.

- Tom's been...running a fast mile and boddy popping.

Thanks adidas.

We’ve always said that everything we provide at Marathon talk will be free for everyone who wants to be a part of our community. We’d like to thank adidas for their support in helping us grow this community and bring Marathon Talk to you each week.

- Febulous - At the time of recording the show (Tuesday 8am) - 2318 participants logged 79,951 runs so far! - 1354 runner completed Febulous and of those 392 are still on 100% for the full Jantastic challenge!

- Marchvellous - still submit number of runs and longest each week (before Feb 27th)

- Time to zip up your man suit and test the central governor

- Enter a race, take part in a parkrun, or do battle with a favourite training route

- Predict your finish time for a max effort… spot on = 100%, out either way = points deducted!

16:50 NEWS

- Mary Keitainy runs fast at the RAK Half Marathon (IAAF)

- Farah 'heavy legs' runs a new European record over 2miles (Athletics Weekly)

- Kenyan Olympic 5000m and 10000m Olympic Trials at Pre Classic? (Link)


- Tony's injured.


Just how do you work out your target marathon pace?

- in training?

- with a fancy prediction equation?

- in a race?


One crazy summer in 1985 'the Jarrow Arrow' ruled the middle distance track world setting 1500m, mile, and 2000m world records in a 19 day period. 1983 world 1500m champion and 1984 Olympic 1500m silver medalist Steve Cram was at the top of British middle distance running in the golden era. The first man ever to run under 3mins 30sec for 1500m also has a marathon PB of 2:35 (set in 1999). Now a BBC commentator and event organiser Steve still lives in the North East.

Steve's next event - The Marathon of the North.

1:19:30 - This week it's a RANT.

Siobhan Leachman rants about cross training injuries.



Run well

Martin & Tom

  1. Narek Petrossian
    Posts: 23

    THANKS, I'm looking forward to listening to this interview. I'm saving this one for tomorrow!

    22nd February 2012 21:53:00
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  2. Matthew Sellwood
    Posts: 47

    I assume the bit where you randomly say "insert news jingle here, Ian" is unintended? Made me chortle, anyway. :)

    Avatar 23rd February 2012 11:24:22    
    Martin Yelling Says:

    Hi Matt! Yes. Whoops. We corrected that yesterday so if you delete it from your library and reinstall you'll get the updated version!

    Avatar 24th February 2012 09:07:26    
    D Blackman Says:

    I'm keeping mine. In years to come it'll be like one of those Penny Black stamps with the print defects - worth £1000's !!!

    Avatar 24th February 2012 11:48:45    
    Tom Williams Says:

    LOL :-)

    23rd February 2012 10:56:52
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  3. John Ford
    Posts: 450

    Disappointed Martin that you did not refer to him as the face of Kellogs Start in the 1980's!?
    Another very enjoyable interview - looking forward to part 2 - any chance of a quick preview re items covered, e.g. the Cram Alert tag and marathon cheats?

    23rd February 2012 14:16:54
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  4. John Ford
    Posts: 450

    Oh and a belated "fingers crossed for a speedy recovery" to Tony!

    23rd February 2012 14:19:05
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  5. Sean Mcfarlane
    Posts: 33

    Just listened to the interview with Steve Cram.
    Just had to say I really enjoyed it, looking forward to part2

    24th February 2012 20:26:14
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  6. Graham Millington
    Posts: 29

    My favourite interview so far. I love the way Marathon Talk interviewees get the chance and the time to talk in detail about their careers and their running, rather than just the frustratingly brief soundbite style coverage we get in the mainstream media.
    Fascinating interview so far - thanks

    Avatar 25th February 2012 22:12:39    
    Ed Wallace Says:

    I have to agree, one of the best interviews so far. Seriously motivating.

    25th February 2012 10:13:17
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  7. Richie Bunn
    Posts: 41

    Awesome interview with Crammy. I could listen to him all day!

    Avatar 9th March 2012 06:57:01    
    David Blackman Says:

    Wot Richard said.....

    27th February 2012 08:45:22
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  8. Mark Casella
    Posts: 57

    Another great interview. A real athletes athlete. Really brings it all back to the days when we ruled the milers.. ah, those were the days...

    28th February 2012 21:07:32
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