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Episode 116 - Reid Coolsaet

Released: Wednesday 28th March 2012

Our spring motivation campaign draws to a close, we bring you results from a speedy race in Lisbon. Which is the fastest half marathoning nation in the world? Is Haile getting fat? Who would want to be paced by mansuit zipping Yuki? You rate your run and have a rant. Training Talk is all about reaching a peak/ tapering and Tony talks to us about his current state of mind


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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's in Boulder running up mountains and scrapping with his Central Governor

- Tom's been all-time PBing in York

- Check out the adidas running channel on YouTube here

- Jedward complete the LA Marathon with zero training... allegedly ;) (BBC)

- Martin's next challenge -

- Haile battles the bulge (Prensa Latina)

30:22 - News

- Rate your run here

- Chuck Engle becomes the most winningest marathon runner of all time (

- Shalane Flanagan wins Lisbon half and Zersanay Tadese misses his WR (Let's Run)

- Lucy Kabuu on form in build up to London (Daily Nation)

- Japan tops the global half marathon charts! (Japan Running News)

- Yuki the younger (Japan Running News)

- Japanese comedian qualifies for the Cambodian Olympic team (Japan Running News)

43:22 - Tony's Trials

- Tony describes his current state of mind

44:05 - Training Talk - Taper Time! 

- Keep running, stay sharp

- Eat well

- Fill your new found time

- Recover strong

- Reflect on the positives

55:35 - Interview - Reid Coolsaet

- With 5,000m and 10,000m personal bests of 13:21 and 27:56 respectively, both set in 2007, Reid moved up to the marathon distance. In October 2011 he qualified for the Canadian Olympic team when he ran 2:10:55 at the Toronto Marathon. 

- Check out Reid's website at

1:25:50 - Rant

- Ron Hill gets turned down for carrying the Olympic Torch! (Athletics Weekly)

1:27:36 - Close

- Martin will be running long and bag carrying

- Tom will be running short and bag carrying

  1. Matthew Sellwood
    Posts: 47

    Winningest is a baseball term...Tom has been Americanised! Must be a result of having interviewed someone from 'Canadia'...

    Avatar 2nd April 2012 06:15:59    
    Tom Williams Says:

    Good job ;-)

    Avatar 7th April 2012 17:04:32    
    Al Meria Says:

    Nearly as bad as .. "Lanza" and "dubdubdub"

    Avatar 10th April 2012 13:01:00    
    Tom Williams Says:

    LOL - I'd forgotten 'dub dub dub' - will bring it back ;-)

    28th March 2012 14:53:54
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  2. Congratulations to Tom on the 17 min 5km.

    However, I was surprised to hear him advocating the use of caffeine. Isn't this a drug? And therefore contrary to his zero-tolerance views. Where is the line?
    Having said that, if Graham, Hibbert et al. 1998 (source Noakes) are correct, caffeine in coffee has no effect.
    So maybe Tom's struggle to get the concentrated coffee down was unnecessary and he achieved his result inspite of the coffee ;-)

    Avatar 2nd April 2012 06:19:14    
    Tom Williams Says:

    LOL - I personally don't have a problem with caffeine, it may be a drug but it's not banned and I only drank coffee... it's not like I injected Red Bull or anything :-)

    My zero tolerance is towards banned substances or stuff that would affect your health.

    It definitely makes a difference, even if it's just a placebo... within moments of drinking it (when I've abstained for a few weeks) I feel so energised and ready to rock!

    28th March 2012 22:10:42
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  3. Mark Walker
    Posts: 39

    Tom you questioned if all those who had predicted their time correctly were honest. Check out my proof of running a new PB of 18:45 this month -

    My guess of 18:45 wasn’t that difficult considering I ran between 18:55 and 18:47 on my 4 previous Parkrun attempts. :)

    Avatar 2nd April 2012 06:21:00    
    Tom Williams Says:

    Well done Mark - I was only laughing around really... congratz on an awesome parkrun PB and what looks like some solid improvement over the last couple of years :-)

    29th March 2012 19:09:49
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  4. Dave Heywood
    Posts: 27

    Speaking of not training for a marathon, I ran my first marathon in 1979 (age 16) with no training. I thought I could do it because my cousin ran them all the time (he ran 60-80 miles a week though, so there was some difference there). When I say no training, it was actually like this: 7 miles, 14 days before the race; 8 miles, 13 days before the race; 13 miles, 7 days before the race. That was it. Being 16 and not smart enough to know better I set a target of 3:30 for the race. I ended up doing it in 3:27. Not bad, but it would have cost me some points in Jantastic.

    Avatar 2nd April 2012 06:21:28    
    Tom Williams Says:

    I bet you ached the next day though Dave ;-) LOL

    Avatar 3rd April 2012 22:07:01    
    Dave Heywood Says:

    Tom, "ached the next day" is an understatement, but it didn't stop me from doing several more over the next few years. Now, after a 27 year break from marathons, I'm registered to run another one in June with my daughter. It will be her first. It looks like insanity can be inherited. :-)

    Avatar 4th April 2012 06:24:23    
    Tom Williams Says:

    What a brilliant story :) Which one are you doing?

    Avatar 4th April 2012 17:53:25    
    Dave Heywood Says:

    Tom, We'll being doing the Utah Valley Marathon on June 9. I'm getting excited to do it again.

    29th March 2012 21:56:05
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  5. John Tougher
    Posts: 392

    so this weeks episodes messages of not doing too much and not eating too much during the taper fell on deaf ears. went for a 19 mile run then came back and re-roofed the shed. bad idea.

    then i had my dinner at half 5 and ive just had my second dinner at 9pm with another cuppa nd some shortbread. AND I'M NO EVEN IN MY TAPER YET!

    report card will say "must do better"

    2nd April 2012 22:05:58
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