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Episode 117 - Kathrine Switzer (Part One)

Released: Wednesday 4th April 2012

Find out who has won a VIP place in the 2013 Virgin London Marathon. Hear the first part of our interview with a pioneer of women's running, Kathrine Switzer. There's some rather sad news from the running community. Some news of some very fast half marathon results and the retirement of a former marathon world record holder. Tony brings us up to speed in his weekly trials and thanks to you we celebrate cracking 1 million show downloads.


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Show Notes

00:00 INTRO

- Sad news from the USA - Micah True, aka Caballo Blanco found dead (Denver Post)

- Sad news from the UK - Tragedy at Reading Half Marathon as Ged Clarke dies. (Independent) (@RIP12pmclub)

As Mr @12pmclub he would send out motivational words just before midday advising of the benefits of a break from the desk doing something active. Fitness of mind, body and soul. A recharge for better working afternoons! As a father he encouraged quality time with family. He cajoled his children to participate in healthy pursuits and even train alongside him. He leaves a beautiful wife and two dear children. As a friend he pushed and challenged me further on in my own training. He was in awe of my challenges of 2012 and made it a personal quest of his to promote and support them. Which he did selflessly and tirelessly for others, too. There will be a time and a place for more eulogies. But I know I would like to carry on his dream to promote healthy living from within and around oneself. He inspired a lot of people. He contributed personally to their charities, and also motivated them forward with their challenges. From this day, I will do a run at midday, every day, until the next Reading half marathon. I will run 2013 for him, and all that he aspired to. In time, with the blessing of his wife and children, I shall fund raise for a charity of their choice. In this way, I humbly follow in your first steps to keep your legacy alive. It’s not goodbye good friend, it’s Welcome, as I embrace your memory. @theramblingduck

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00:17:50 - ** JANTASTIC PRIZE WINNER! **

Congratulations Diane Adkins - Quakers RC - scored 98% overall in Jantastic - you've won a VIP 2013 Virgin London Marathon entry, plus adidas gear and a pre race night in the fancy race HQ Tower Hotel for your efforts in Jantastic! 

- Cracking Reid Coolseat video HERE

00:20:06 - NEWS

- Superfast half marathons in Prague and Berlin.

- The first man to run sub 2:06, former London and Chicago winner and world record holder Marathon great Khalid Khannouchi officially retires. (LETSRUN)

00:31:35 - TONY'S TRIALS

00:38:17 - TRAINING TALK

You know your marathon is getting close when….

00:43:00 - INTERVIEW - Kathrine Switzer

In 1967 K.V. Switzer shot to fame as the first official women to complete the Boston Marathon.  That day changed her life.  Since then she has pioneered the inclusion of female athletes at all levels within running.  

Check her out HERE.

Follow her on twitter @KVSwitzer HERE.

01:10:20 - RAVE


Thank you to the entire Marathon Talk community. If you listen to the show we recently broke through the million download barrier ;-). You are all amazing.

01:17:24 - END

Thanks for supporting Marathon Talk.

Martin & Tom

  1. Jocelyn Payne
    Posts: 40

    Can't wait for the second part of the Kathrine Switzer interview! =)

    Avatar 5th April 2012 10:55:57    
    Denis Markov Says:

    I can't wait even for the first part :) Didn't listen to MT during the injury, so I have three more episodes to fit in before this one.

    Just about a month ago I read a great book "Boston: A Century of Running" - the printed edition is quite rare nowdays, but they finally released a Kindle version, so I'd recommend everyone to take a look.

    5th April 2012 08:39:20
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  2. Alan O\'rourke
    Posts: 6

    Brilliant Episode.
    Belly Laughed at Tony's 80s Electro Pop attempt,
    Ticked off almost every "You know your marathon's near when"
    The Kathrine Switzer interview wss fascinating.

    8th April 2012 02:45:07
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  3. Joyce Adams
    Posts: 84

    It was nice to know, when I felt horrible and heavy on today's run, that it's just the taper...not me!

    Avatar 8th April 2012 17:38:12    
    Joyce Adams Says:

    Also, I'd been saving this one all week as a special treat for my long run, because I think Kathrine Switzer is wonderful! And you definitely didn't disappoint! Roll on next week....

    8th April 2012 05:21:19
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  4. Sarah Ngugi
    Posts: 45

    Another great show guys, i was chuckling to myself as i run along listening to Tony once again. Meanwhile listening to the interview with Kathrine Switzer was a revelation. As a female i take it for granted that i can enter any race i like, and cannot imagine being told i can't do something because i'm a woman. Good on Kathrine for keeping on running that marathon to allow us to run them as and when we feel like it.

    8th April 2012 11:44:09
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  5. Greg Potts
    Posts: 7

    It's an education being an MT listener. This week we learned that a CR2035 battery is not the same as an oiled pig. Worth noting. Would have been an embarassing mistake to make at a dinner party.

    8th April 2012 21:07:53
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  6. John Tougher
    Posts: 392

    Just when you think you've heard your favourite interview, another great one comes along. Can't wait till 2nd part of this next week. What a fascinating woman. I was thinking, since the womens marathon podium is seldom full, if I rate my run as J.P. Tougher, could I make it onto the womens podium;-)
    Tony made me laugh when I was on my run today.

    Avatar 9th April 2012 08:07:38    
    Dave Keeley Says:

    Her story just goes to show that peformance is based upon roughly 40% talent, 40% hard work and 20% on what happens and how you perform on the day. There's nothing you can do about the weather, the hills or nutters on the course a la Saturday's boat race.

    8th April 2012 22:35:58
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  7. Martin Yelling
    Posts: 694

    Thanks for the great feedback guys. Super pleased you enjoyed this weeks show.

    9th April 2012 14:38:32
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  8. Linda Barwick
    Posts: 156

    Just listened (a few days late!) to the Kathrin Switzer interview - what a fantastic story! can't wait to hear the next episode.

    Avatar 9th April 2012 23:27:15    
    Linda Barwick Says:

    and great interviewing technique too Martin

    9th April 2012 23:26:45
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