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Episode 118 - Kathrine Switzer (Part Two)

Released: Wednesday 11th April 2012

We have a look at the Kenyan race for Olympic Games selection. Ryan Hall’s got a 2012 movie coming out. Yuki the swimmer? You Rate Your Run and Tony brings us his trials. There’s a full podium, Training Talk is all about getting race week right and we’ve got the 2nd part of our fascinating interview with pioneer of women’s running Kathrine Switzer.


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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been running 19 miles in the mountains, not eating chocolate, and packing for home!

- Tom's been supporting Team Williams, celebrating parkrun birthdays, and scoffing cucumber sarndwiches ;)

- Run Tom Denniss Run (video)

- Ryan Hall Video (Facebook) (Kickstarter)

15:30 - News

- Yuki's going to the Olympics! (Japan Running News)

- Will Halie catch Paula? (Athletics Weekly)

- Eight days of Kenyan marathon crazyness! (BBC) (Toni Revis)

- Rotterdam live on Universal Sports 10:30am local time (race website)

- Boston live on Universal Sports 9:30am local time (race website)

36:37 - Tony's Trials

- The Marathon Prayer - Listen directly HERE

- Download The Marathon Prayer Script HERE

41:55 - Training Talk

- Race Week

- Be prepared

- Know the course

- Consider the conditions

- Stay positive

- Keep running

- Eat well (not loads... well)

52:00 - Interview

- Kathrine Switzer part two

In 1967 K.V. Switzer shot to fame as the first official women to complete the Boston Marathon.  That day changed her life.  Since then she has pioneered the inclusion of female athletes at all levels within running.  

Check her out HERE

Follow her on twitter @KVSwitzer HERE

1:13:50 - Rave

- Tom and Martin rave about the upcoming Rotterdam, Boston, and London marathons!

1:14:30 - Close

- Martin's coming home, tapering, and taking on Poole parkrun

- Tom's running with his Dad, spending time with his mum, and looking forward to a 2:02 marathon!

  1. Rajiv Ratan
    Posts: 77

    Great show guys, not used to listening to an episode during the day on Wednesday. Training talk was a useful reminder and re-assuring (despite having gone through the pre race process numerous times). Possibly the best Tony's Trials so far. Also really enjoyed the rest of the Katherine Switzer interview, for me it is such a bizarre concept that at one time there wasn't a ladies Olympic marathon, or they wern't permitted to run in races like Boston.

    11th April 2012 13:52:56
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  2. Joyce Adams
    Posts: 84

    I was in LA visiting friends a few weekends ago and, as we were driving on the highway, I started geeking out about seeing the Olympic Stadium. Then I made a comment about it being the site of the first Olympic women's marathon. Neither of my two friends, both young women in their early thirties, could believe that the first one was only in 1984. How times have changed....

    11th April 2012 16:14:13
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  3. Colin Fulton
    Posts: 128

    Tony's Trials was fantastic! Is there a way of sharing this piece of audio on other web pages? Class.

    Avatar 11th April 2012 22:19:20    
    Colin Fulton Says:

    By the way, the rest was brilliant too!

    Avatar 11th April 2012 22:38:42    
    Martin Yelling Says:

    By linking to Marathon!

    Avatar 12th April 2012 00:13:56    
    Colin Fulton Says:

    Ha! Someone at my AC asked me if I was in commission for marathontalk!

    Avatar 12th April 2012 13:31:20    
    Martin Yelling Says:

    Ha. Commissioned in thanks!

    Avatar 13th April 2012 18:03:09    
    Colin Fulton Says:

    Hope I don't break copyright M but I've burned several MT episodes off and given them to some friends at Orangegrove AC. The Conrades one has been inspirational to a few! We're already talking about going in 2014! Eek!

    11th April 2012 22:18:54
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  4. Alex Coman
    Posts: 17

    I found this video on youtube as part of a documentary (the spirit of the marathon). This particular part contains videos of that Boston race and a short interview with Kathrine Switzer.

    12th April 2012 11:54:35
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  5. Karen Galpin
    Posts: 41

    Tony's Trials was brilliant - is 'the sermon' available in typed form somewhere? Would love to show it to some colleagues currently tapering for Spring marathons .. :-)

    Avatar 12th April 2012 22:08:55    
    Martin Yelling Says:

    We don't have it - but could ask Tony.

    Avatar 13th April 2012 09:04:24    
    Rajiv Ratan Says:

    I wonder if I could get it printed on the back of my MT t-shirt?

    Avatar 13th April 2012 11:04:39    
    Tonys Trials Says:

    Cheers for the nice comments, glad you like it. Technical genius Greg will post the words up somewhere on the site. Rajiv, I think you should forget the t shirt and have it tattoed on your back.

    Avatar 13th April 2012 12:41:38    
    Rajiv Ratan Says:

    But then I would have to go around topless and wouldn't be able to wear my MT t-shirt.

    I have heard rumour that you will be giving a reading of 'The Marathon Prayer' at the London Marathon expo, I hope you will be doing so suitable attire, i.e. a vicar type costume (black shirt, dog collar etc), but with shorts and running shoes.

    12th April 2012 15:09:51
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  6. Alan O\'rourke
    Posts: 6

    Tony's marathon prayer - absolute genius. Best ever

    Avatar 16th April 2012 11:28:33    
    Lovely Lovelygorgeous Says:

    It was brilliant. It helped pass the time on my last slow run before VLM

    Avatar 18th April 2012 11:12:14    
    Ling Chan Says:

    Tony's prayer was priceless, and was in my head when I ran the Brighton Marathon last week. Fortunately I had no gingerbread encounters which was the most worrying acknowledgement I learned about in this podcast.

    13th April 2012 05:35:24
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  7. Martin Yelling
    Posts: 694

    Here's a link to download The Marathon Prayer script!

    13th April 2012 17:22:53
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  8. Julie Harris
    Posts: 107

    Love The Marathon Prayer. Thanks Tony

    16th April 2012 21:53:32
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  9. Bill Stanley
    Posts: 20

    As I was able to tell him in person at the Great Ireland Run, if his acting career ever bombs, he could have a long career ahead of him in the church!

    17th April 2012 00:23:15
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