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Episode 11 - The Long Run Show with Midgie Thompson

Released: Tuesday 23rd March 2010

This week we join you on your long run and bring mental performance coach Midgie Thompson along for the ride. We also have a double helping of Tony's Trials, catch up on some great listeners questions and talk about world records and barefoot running.


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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- It's the long run special

- Mart's back running :)

- Tom's feeling fit but his arms still aren't working :(

- Check out Tristan via

- Thanks to Bevan and John at THE triathlon podcast...

- Some more mantras to keep you moving

09:03 - Interview with Midgie Thompson - Part One

Canadian born mental performance coach and author, Midgie Thompson specialises in 'Inspiring Excellence' in individuals and teams. As a master practitioner in NLP and hypnotherapy, she helps develop performance skills by combining mental toughness techniques with balanced lifestyle choices. Midgie founded Bright Futures Coaching Ltd in 2003 and has been providing motivational, mental performance and personal development coaching ever since.

Check out Midgie's website... HERE.

22:37 - News

- Siraj Gena wins Rome marathon, crossing the line in... bare feet! (LINK)

      - Story about Abebe Bikila's story click HERE

- Zersenay Tadese breaks World Half Marathon record with 58:23 (LINK)

- Mara Yamauchi wins New York Half Marathon (LINK)

- Follow Haile Gebrselassie on Twitter HERE.

- Reading Half Marathon won in 63:03 and 72:47 respectively (LINK)

29:34 - Tony's Trials

- This week Tony was brought to you by Peak Sports Massage Therapy (link) and Changing You (link)

- Massaging the truth - part one

39:39 - Training Talk

- What to do straight after your long run...

     - Drink and eat well

     - Put your compression gear on if you use it

     - Get to bed early

- What to do the following day...

     - Do some form of low impact exercise... swim, bike or row?

     - Have a great breakfast

     - Perhaps a massage?

56:05 - Midgie Thompson - Part Two


1:08:55 - Rant and Rave 

- Tom turns his rant into a rave!

- Martin rants his way down the prom...

1:14:45 - Questions

- How to pace your marathon and what's the best overtaking procedure.

- Two marathons in seven days... with a half-Ironman 'chaser'... how?

- What should I wear for a colder marathon?

1:24:47 - Midgie Thompson - Part Three

1:41:55 - Tony's Trials

- Massaging the truth - part two

1:46:34 - Winner of the Week

- Kirsty Snellgrove

1:47:47 - Close

- Think about 'form' in the final couple of miles of your long run

- Save some starving students by helping Leeds parkrun reach 300 runners for a single event

- Will Martin re-light his racing flame?

- Tom's back on his bike... again!

  1. Daz Reevell

    Another great podcast folks, loving the idea of 'just focus on your current mile'...that's what I do and it seems to work very well for me (especially when I'm tired/fatugued). I just say to myself "Just do this mile and hold the pace". If you keep saying that to yourself you'll soon pass another 3, 4, 5, 6 or more miles with ease.

    24th March 2010 11:58:14
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  2. Alistair

    Another great podcast!!

    I particularly enjoyed your rave Tom (even if it was bordering on ranting at times! :))

    People at work tell me I look like a heroin addict and that "all that exercise isn't healthy you know!"

    Your comments followed to Martin's "rollerbladers" rant had me laughing out loud whilst running!!

    25th March 2010 02:21:10
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  3. Tom

    Cheers Daz... I use that myself loads, every mile... 'jsut do wone more' - the key of course is fooling your body into thinking each mile is the last ;)


    25th March 2010 07:17:56
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  4. Paul

    Really enjoyed the podcast - my first one. It helped me through the majority of my long run today. Happened to have a Rachel's Rice Pud in the fridge - delicious!

    27th March 2010 04:54:11
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  5. Stephen Iles

    The discussions with Midge felt as laboured as my running and they went on far, far too long. I think you could have covered her points in about five minutes. Other than that, great show as normal.

    29th March 2010 09:15:09
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