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Episode 121 - Nell McAndrew

Released: Wednesday 2nd May 2012

The stormy weather livened up marathons in the UK this past weekend. Ethiopians rule in Germany. Merrien gets the London 2012 call up. 5 Brits run fast in Stanford. Virgin London Marathon ballot opens and closes! We’ve got a great interview with celebrity 2:54 marathon runner Nell McAndrew. Fast and full podiums. Tony's Trials. You rant. The launchpad rumbles!


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Show Notes

00:00 INTRO

- Martin's got a pesky post marathon cold

- Tom's finally started his mile training

- VLM 2013 ballot open - then closed - 130,000 applications in 17hrs.

- A new marathon in Sierra Leone. (Here)

- A big thanks to adidas for helping us bring Marathon Talk to you each week for free ;-)

08:53 NEWS

- Rate your rainy run

- Ethiopians run fast in Hamburg and Dusseldorf.

- The stormy weather takes its toll for marathons in the UK

- Greater Manchester, Milton Keynes and Stratford

17:40 Tony Talks baggage

- Julia Bleasdale nails an Olympic Games 10000m 'A' standard 31:29 in Standford.  4 other Brits run qualifiers too. (Athetics Weekly)

- It's Team GB London 2012 for Brit marathoner Lee Merrien (TeamGB)

- CAS overturn BOA lifetime Olympic Games ban ruling. (Telegraph)

- Marathon Talk weekly podium - who'se in the top 5?


Tony's been to Manchester.


Model, Mum and super fast marathoner Nell just ran 2hrs54mins at the 2012 Virgin London Marathon.  Her fundraising page is HERE.

1:38:30 RANT

Listener Jim Murray bangs on about big tee shirts.

1:39:10 CLOSE

- Martin's getting back into running

- Posh Tom is off to Geneva.

- The amazing listener launch pad - your events in the next 4 weeks!

Thanks for supporting the show

Run well.

Martin & Tom

  1. Keith Rossiter
    Posts: 157

    Great interview with Nell, so 'normal' but a real hard worker. What a dedicated runner. proves how you have to work hard put in the miles and listen to your body. Well done Nell, well done Tom Williams, good one mate! - Oh and how good of Nell to acknowledge David Cartright and his achievement.

    3rd May 2012 07:54:33
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  2. Paul Rudin
    Posts: 161

    Yeah - 80mpw. Showing, once again, that there's not really any substitute for mileage when it comes to getting those marathon times down.

    3rd May 2012 08:03:56
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  3. Graham Sheridan
    Posts: 19

    Another cracking interview - Nell's passion and enthusiasm for running shines through, was listening with a grin on my face, down to earth lady, and a definite inspiration.

    3rd May 2012 15:23:13
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  4. Alan Grehan
    Posts: 49

    Great interview. So down to earth. Inspiring me to come back again and crack the 4 hour mark.

    3rd May 2012 20:51:23
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  5. Adam Moger
    Posts: 33

    Slightly intimidated by how little structured training/long runs she used to do! Clearly got a big talent to run 3.22 for a first marathon, and really proved it at VLM.

    4th May 2012 10:35:09
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  6. Lukas Lee
    Posts: 26


    As the mile is such an important part of British running culture why not hire the track at Iffley Road in Oxford for a night. Invite people to enter a series of graded races there. Get some celeb pace-makers. Devote an episode to the distance. Interview a famous miler etc etc We're all expecting big things from you :)

    Avatar 4th May 2012 22:27:29    
    Tom Williams Says:

    Nice timing... just got off the phone to the guys from Bring Back the Mile in the USA. Big things on their way, watch this space ;)

    Avatar 5th May 2012 10:53:04    
    Lukas Lee Says:

    Great stuff Tom. Looking forward to following your progress.

    Might be worth plugging this link as a useful resource:

    Avatar 5th May 2012 10:59:53    
    Lukas Lee Says:

    It's the pre-2010 stuff that's available to non-members:

    Avatar 9th May 2012 10:52:12    
    David Blackman Says:

    I'm up for a race. Oh yes!!

    4th May 2012 10:36:01
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  7. Graham McKenzie
    Posts: 99

    Fantastic inteview. One of the best to date.

    Well done guys.

    4th May 2012 13:33:09
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  8. John Tougher
    Posts: 392

    great interview as usual.

    Tom must win the competition for the most stalker-esque question in 121 podcasts

    " so Nell, when you go to the gym, do you get a good sweat on"

    Ha! made me laugh


    Avatar 6th May 2012 19:45:38    
    Matt East Says:

    Thank you John, I am now not the only one who has a twisted mind. I was giggling to that when I was running today.

    4th May 2012 18:05:35
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  9. Aileen Sellers
    Posts: 62

    Really loved ther interview with Nell. Really inspiring to get back ont he marathon bus, up the mileage again and give sub 4.40 another go!

    5th May 2012 16:08:01
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  10. Stephen Douglas
    Posts: 4

    Probably my favourite interview yet - loved the bit when Tom told her about the Poole runner who finished just in front of Nell and she got all excited because she'd already been planning to get in touch with him!

    I love hearing from the elites, but it's great to hear about a normal (if well-known) person who got into this stuff around the same age I did and is now starting VLM from the championship start.

    Tony was spot on about Manchester - great organisation spoiled by one thing and some shocking weather, but it'll be a cracking race next year.

    6th May 2012 01:33:55
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  11. Matt East
    Posts: 422

    I train with Dave at Poole. I can't wait to see him again, I'll be wearing a badge saying "I met Dave before Nell".

    I had considered mailing my details in and trying to blag a celebrity pen-pal. haha. He's a quality gent, used to do around 2.30 marathons if I remember correctly.

    It was a great interview Tom, her enthusiasm was so infectious. I just couldn't help feel a flush of pride for her and her efforts - her modesty is endearing, I loved it that she kept realising she was talking lots and apologising, no need! It made for a brilliant listen and I hope she comes back on again (to tell us of her sub-5 minute mile)

    6th May 2012 19:51:32
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  12. John Robson
    Posts: 31

    What a brilliant interview! I felt so proud of Nell's passion and enthusiasm for not just running but healthy living in general. I'm a little biased being a Yorkshireman but what a great example to kids and parents. Well done Nell for achieving your dream at VLM, a clear example of working hard and delivering on a goal.

    6th May 2012 20:21:55
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  13. David Blackman
    Posts: 127

    It's difficult to add to what everyone has said - I agree with it all.

    Just want to add my "me too" for anyone looking to get better at the marathon. I did a similar 3:12 for my 5th marathon, then a 2:54 for my 6th. Like Nell, this was based on more focused training, more miles (49 mpw ave over 10 weeks as opposed to 35mpw, relatively short but better quality long run (19 miles longest). Nell talks a lot of sense.

    9th May 2012 10:58:44
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  14. Andrew Carter
    Posts: 32

    Just wanted to add my voice to those above, to say that the inteview with Nell was excellent. I really didn't know what to expect but she was so enthusiastic that I got a real buzz just listening, one of my favourites to date.

    5th June 2012 22:08:57
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  15. Emmy Hannon
    Posts: 132

    Nell was definitely one of the interviews that I re-listen to. She's a down to earth woman who has worked hard for her achievements and she's someone that I think everyone can relate to - struggling with the daily life like the rest of us.

    12th August 2012 18:41:05
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  16. Lisa G
    Posts: 109

    Just listened to this after perusing through past podcasts. Excellent interview with Nell, very inspiring.

    22nd November 2012 18:18:13
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