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Episode 123 - Dr Steve Ingham

Released: Tuesday 15th May 2012

Tom likes the Episode number. We talk to Head of EIS and physiology guru Dr Steve Ingham. The Olympic torch is on its way to London. There’s news from the Prague Marathon and an almighty 10k smackdown coming up this weekend in Manchester. You rate your run and have a rave. We catch up 5000m Team GB hopeful Justina Heslop. Tony brings us his Trials and the launchpad rocks.


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Show Notes

00:00 INTRO

- Martin's trying to shake a pesky cold

- Tom's been banging out a 5:31 mile 

- Thanks to adidas for helping bring you Marathon Talk each week.

- Remembering Beijing Olympic Marathon Sammy Wanjiru who passed away 1 year ago today. (Sports Illustrated)

- London 2012 Olympic Games flame lit in Athens (then goes out!) (Telegraph)

- A running blog from Ethiopia from Mike Crawley.

- British runner John Lawton is still missing in Greece.  Donate to search funds HERE

- Fancy VLM runner stats analysis.

24:50 - NEWS

- Fast in Prague last weekend (IAAF)

- This weekend a super 10k smackdown in Manchester. Abshero V Makau V Haile. (IAAF)

- Marathon Talk Podium


- Running to the Limits trailer.


- Team GB 5000m hopeful Justina Heslop


- Head of physiology for the English Institute of Sport - Dr Steve Ingham

01:25:17 - RAVE

- Kirsty Reade raves about running club secretaries

01:26:30 - CLOSE

- Get your summer Marathon Talk tee's and vests through Sweatshop. Use the code MTALK to get 10% off and support the show.

- Marathon Talk listener launchpad

- Martin's trying to shake a pesky cold still!

- Tom's off to bonnie Scotland.

01:32:00 - END

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Run well.

Martin & Tom

  1. Matt East
    Posts: 422

    Loved the interview with Dr Steve. Those kind of interviews make you think of different aspects of your own training. I won't be so quick to jump into the ice baths any more and for that alone I thank you!

    Avatar 20th May 2012 16:52:43    
    Michael Green Says:

    I really liked the careful and detailed way Ingham contrasted the goals of adaption versus recovery - it helped me make sense of a lot of the sometimes contradictory advice I've read. Great interview, Martin!

    Avatar 21st May 2012 21:46:50    
    Lukas Lee Says:

    Agreed. A really valuable perspective on recovery. A real nugget.

    Avatar 23rd May 2012 09:59:44    
    Adam Moger Says:

    Agreed, excellent interview. Isn't always easy to work out what's proven, what's "not proven yet", & what simply doesn't work. There's a book to write on things like ice baths, massage, stretching, altitute training etc.

    18th May 2012 12:13:46
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  2. Andrew Weston
    Posts: 6

    There is an interesting article on Sammy Wanjiru in the New Yorker magazine. he seems to have been a very tortured soul. RIP Sammy.

    18th May 2012 13:00:20
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  3. Paul Henry
    Posts: 73

    Interview with Dr Steve Ingham was really good.

    Shame it was so short....

    It would be absolutly fantastic if you could get him to come back every now and again and do a training talk, concentrating on one specific area and going into it in a bit more detail.... and then how we (lesser mortals) can apply that knowledge to our own training.

    23rd May 2012 11:33:23
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  4. John Robson
    Posts: 31

    Another valuable and thought provoking interview, so a big thank you from me. Well done Martin for asking all the right questions. The Marathontalk bar just keeps getting higher.

    23rd May 2012 21:39:22
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