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Episode 163 - Helen Clitheroe

Released: Wednesday 20th February 2013

We’re half way through Jantastic 2013. Febulous long runs are rolling and you just keep running! There’s huge trouble for South African Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius. Mo Farah is running half of the London marathon. There’s a superfast RAK half. Kenyan legend Moses Kiptanui speaks out. Training Talk looks at getting the edge. We speak to GB track star Helen Clitheroe about her marathon debut.


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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been winning the V40 age group at the Lytchet 10miles in Dorset.

- Tom's been slipping and sliding around the 4th PECO Cross Country

- Thanks to our partners adidas for their continued support of the show and community. Last week adidas launched the new running shoe the Energy Boost.

- Watch the adidas BOOST launch in NYC HERE.

- Check out Run247 Paul Shanley's video summary HERE.

- 08:45 One lucky parkrunner, Ben Stevens won an adidas competition to the launch in NYC and a place in the Virgin London Marathon.  We catch up with him.

- Jantastic 2013 is halfway!  6 weeks done.  4,183 runners have logged 76,143 runs.

- Fancy a flash looking Marathon Talk tee to say well done so far?  Check out our gear.

30:47 - News

- Oscar Pistorius charged with murder (BBC) (BBC - Hearing)

- Mo Farah to run the 2013 Virgin London Marathon (well, half of it). (Press Release)

- Running Dan W's BLOG

- Video of Mo running in Kenya.

- The Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon next weekend is loaded. (Competitor)

- Superfast RAK Half Marathon. (Race Results Weekly)

- Kenyan Legend Moses Kiptanui says ‘doping is rife in kenya’. (BBC)

48:35 - Training Talk

- Halfway through our 15 week marathon build up.

- Feeling fitter, stronger and ready for the next critical 4 weeks.

- It's time to focus!

1:05:25 - Tony's Trials

Tony goes for a riverside run

1:07:50 - Interview - Helen Clitheroe

- Reigning European Indoor 3000m champion making her marathon debut at aged 39 in London this year. Find out about her training and aspirations.

Follow Helen on Twitter.

Helen's website.

1:36:50 - Video of the Week

- BBC Olympic Highlights.  Can you guess the most watched?  It's here.

Why not op your fav running related video of the week onto facebook or email it to us

1:31:43 - Close

- Listener launchpad - where are you running?

- Martin will be running 12 miles.

- Tom will be wearing his magic slippers.

  1. Ian Taylor
    Posts: 12

    I love it - are you trying to keep us in suspense? I get 404 page not found on the BBC Olympics link.

    Avatar 21st February 2013 10:56:35    
    Martin Yelling Says:

    No suspense intended! Sorry. Updated ;-)

    Avatar 21st February 2013 14:02:00    
    Ian Taylor Says:

    Well I never. I would never have expected that! (The clip I mean, not that you've fixed the link.)

    Avatar 26th February 2013 05:29:27    
    Siobhan Leachman Says:

    Oh dear not avaliable in my territory :(

    Avatar 27th February 2013 11:06:54    
    Anthony Hatswell Says:

    Try the extension Hoa Unblocker for your browser. It gets around a lot of the silly restrictions - I found it maddening despite being a UK resident (and TV License holder) I couldn't use iPlayer in the US!

    Avatar 27th February 2013 16:39:38    
    Anthony Hatswell Says:

    Hola Unblocker sorry!

    21st February 2013 10:03:56
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  2. John Cassells
    Posts: 44

    Well done Virgin London Marathon! I believe that Mo Farah is a fantastic roll model for us all.
    However what idiot came up with idea of only doing half a race? If he was to stop after 5000m in a 10000m race the world would be writng off as "burnt out" or "has been" etc

    As someone who has spent pounds and pounds on pre entry fees in the past for your event not to mention how much time and money was spent training over the years
    As one of the thousands who were unable to get past the ballot stage I wonder how many runners out there are thinking the same as me but will not say it?

    Avatar 22nd February 2013 22:06:13    
    Mark Robinson Says:

    I totally agree mate, I've tried for 4 years to getin the VLM, it's a farce!

    Avatar 23rd February 2013 07:19:00    
    Paul Rudin Says:

    Running half the LM makes plenty of sense for Farah. He's no doubt being paid plenty of money. He want to run it properly next year and getting some familiarity with the setup and the course will help with that. What's the downside? It'll be an OK training run - he can run with leaders, which will not be too challenging for him if he knows he's stopping half way.

    22nd February 2013 14:38:37
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  3. Lisa G
    Posts: 109

    I like Helen Clitheroe, she,s good to listen to, always open and honest. Good luck to her in London.

    22nd February 2013 19:05:52
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  4. Anna Perry
    Posts: 40

    MT i love you, been there from the start, totally appreciate how much it has grown and the need for financial support for all your time and effort and in order to support the podcast.....but...the adidas promotion has just tipped into the uncomfortable listening range for me. I can handle the thank you each week, the sponsorship of things like Jantastic etc but the last two weeks references to Boost and now hearing about Toms freebie shoes etc is just making me feel a bit sad. Is it possible to tone it down and still get the support you need?

    Avatar 25th February 2013 09:24:31    
    Martin Yelling Says:

    Hi Anna, thanks for our feedback and we totally understand. We try very hard to maintain a really good balance and adidas are hugely supportive of us not constantly bombarding you with information. Without that support it would be really difficult to bring the show to you. We wanted the boost info to inform anyone who might be interested in trying some new shoes out. Where Tom mentioned his shoes it's important we feel to always be transparent where this is an association and let the community know this is the case. That's why we are are always so honest with you! So, please don't be sad and thanks for supporting the show as ever!

    23rd February 2013 20:45:22
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  5. Alun Garraway
    Posts: 16

    Just like to say I'm really enjoying the marathon training part of the podcasts, as I'm in training for the Hamburg Marathon 21 April. And the part about starting to get in training at MRP or faster than MRP fits in perfectly with my plan (10-15 x 1000m @10K etc) and it's nice to hear someone knowledgeable say it's is needed, because I some get questioning looks from other runners when I say I'm doing intervals as marathon training, or running the last 3rd of my long run @MRP. Thanks, I really love it :D

    24th February 2013 12:55:17
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  6. David Gilbert
    Posts: 46

    The Adidas promo's dont bother me at all. Just glad that MT is still being put out there for free every week....its superb.

    Avatar 24th February 2013 20:58:52    
    Chris Thomas Says:

    Well said David. Tom, Martin and Greg put in hundreds of hours per year for our listening pleasure. If Adidas are putting in a few quid to help fund the website then what's the problem in giving them a mention here and there?

    24th February 2013 13:27:21
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  7. Tom Williams
    Posts: 259

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for your support of the show and particularly for your honest feedback.

    We try to be as open as possible about the support adidas provide us, we only promote or talk about stuff that we really believe in and where we feel it adds value to the show. Me talking about my shoes particularly was not something that adidas asked me to do, or expect me to do, and was simply me going on about how much my experience of lighter shoes has transformed my running. A truly honest thought process around stuff that I've learned and want to pass on to the community. If I'd known what I know now (thanks to adidas) I would have almost certainly qualified for Hawaii as in 2009 I missed by 0.49% in a pair of 400g shoes!

    The opportunity to get the adidas head of global running on the show was exciting for us and I hope that in the future we will be able to develop that relationship to add even more value to what we do. They have sent me a pair of the new Boost trainers and having worn them I'm genuinely excited about how that technology will feel when it's used in my racer of choice the adios.

    I'm sure the more cynical of you out there will find this kind of thing uncomfortable but hopefully we've built enough trust over 160+ shows that the majority of listeners will believe in what we're doing.

    Thanks as always for your support, without listeners or sponsors there would be no Marathon Talk.


    Avatar 25th February 2013 17:39:26    
    Lisa G Says:

    Well said Tom. I have no problem in hearing about Adidas products and I actually think more highly of them due to the fact that they are backing the show and also the parkruns. You deserve your pair of 'Boosts' and I look forward to your honest opinion of how they perform. Keep up the great work.

    Avatar 26th February 2013 05:44:32    
    Siobhan Leachman Says:

    Tom and Martin, as far I am concerned you can take up as much time as you like promoting and discussing adidas. You guys have provided me with hours and hours of pleasurable listening as well as motivation, entertainment and furthered my running knowledge - all completely free. You've provided a community that has ensured I've made friends with the fabulous Tricia Bunn and the wonderful Sarah Ngugi amongst others. Without you guys I wouldn't even have considered doing a marathon let alone finishing two. You've kept me company while injured and xtraining and ensured I've kept running once repaired. As far as I'm concerned you can do no wrong. I'd recommend you as winners of the week if I thought you guys would ever accept it. Keep doing what you are doing. I love the show.

    Avatar 26th February 2013 10:46:22    
    Aileen Sellers Says:

    I love the show too. Have listened since week one and can honestly say that it has kept me running through all weathers and states of mind! It is an amazing free resource. You mention Adidas as much as you like, we all have a choice what to do with our cash having listened and their products are great in the main. Thank you for all the knowledge and laughs. Keep up the great work.

    Avatar 26th February 2013 12:45:17    
    User Removed Says:

    Given that the alternative for me to listen to on a long run is my local independent radio station with three minutes of adverts every 15 minutes, I'd far rather put up with an occasional advertorial from Tom!

    Avatar 27th February 2013 16:46:20    
    Anthony Hatswell Says:

    The interview last week was a bit too promotional, as it would be nice to hear the factual bits. It was interesting when he was saying it was more a heavy cushioning show, and not a lightweight thin 'feel the road' shoe. Speaking to us as adults was nice - to say about advantages and disadvantages (after all Adidas make a whole range of products!).

    This week I really liked you discussing the different types of shoes and difference it makes - I couldn't agree more. I got my racing flats last year, and it is like running on a magic carpet. I know where my feet are, and run about 15s a mile quicker for the same effort! It is also independent of company - yes you are talking AdiZero, but it could easily be Saucony Fastwitch, or any other.

    Also the interview with the winner of the competition started out the same, a bit forced. But when you got speaking to him it was actually fascinating - I left wanting to know more! Can you get him on again after the marathon? Seemed like a nice, and interesting bloke! Student but worked with charities for a couple of years? What is he studying? Also serious about running with an 83 half.

    Anyway keep up the good work, and I like the fact you thank Adidas for the support - you don't try and slip it in there. You are obviously going to run in their shoes, but it is also something we can all relate to with the type of ones you try. Might also be worth asking if they have any barefoot shoes, as that is something very topical these days!

    25th February 2013 09:28:25
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