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Episode 40 - Lizzy Hawker

Released: Wednesday 13th October 2010

This year's winner of the UTMB Lizzy Hawker joins us to talk running... long. Tony and Liz check in, Martin's been legging it round Chicago and Tom's back on his feet :)


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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been running... and working on his guns :)

- Martin's been taking singing lessons... or is that 'should be' ?

- Martin's also been hanging out with Steve Jones and checking out American talent...

- The first batch of Marathon Talk clothing has been dispatched, to order fire us an email at

- Listener Mark Ince run's 2,500 miles in ONE pair of shoes (read more)

09:02 - News

- Rate Your Run hits 8.0!

- Virgin London Marathon is getting a new race director (read more)

- Leicester Marathon has the prettiest results page EVER! (here)

- Essen Marathon won by Neil Renault (read more)

- Commonwealth Games marathon is tomorrow morning, tune in next week for the results

- Brussels Marathon results (here)

- Melbourne Marathon 2010 is biggest in Australian history (read more)

- Eindhoven marathon won in a photo finish, check out the video HERE

- Leonard Komon wins the Berlin Asics 10km in 27:12 (read more)

- Hawaii Ironman produces awesome marathons by both Aussie winners (read more)

- Chicago - Video of the final mile HERE

- Chicago - Searchable results and splits HERE

- Chicago - Race write up HERE

25:13 - The Road to Chicago

- The final installment of Liz's Chicago diary...

30:26 - Tony's Trials

- Tony's looking for the key...

32:02 - Training Talk 

- Can I PB at 10km race just two weeks after I PB a marathon? 

- Maintain momentum 

- Be smart, eat and drink well post race

- Spend a few days gentle jogging

- Include a couple of 'reminder workouts'


39:04 - Rant & Rave

- Martin raves about wearing your medal over your shirt!  Come on let's celebrate American style!

- Tom rants about negative trolls. Who is walking over my bridge?

41:36 - Interview - Lizzy Hawker

- Lizzie Hawker is one of the worlds top ultra and mountain runners. She first won the UTMB in 2005 and again in 2008. In 2006 she won the World 100km Championships and in October 2007 set a World record with Stephen Pryke for running from Everest Base Camp to the Nepalese capital Kathmandu, a distance of 302km with 10,000m of ascent and 14,000m of decent, running it in three days, two hours and 36 minutes. In 2009 she came second at the UTMB before returning to the top step of the podium in 2010.

1:14:14 - Winner of the Week

- Val Clare for running 100 consecutive Gwent League XC races over 20 years - Nominated by Ceri Davies

1:15:32 - Close

- Tom's gonna carry on running and keep working on those guns

- Martin's trying out some lightweight shoes 

- If you're running the Abingdon Marathon this weekend they WILL disqualify people using MP3 players

- Fancy some running in the sun with Martin & Liz? Check out their Lanzarote camp HERE.

  1. Trevor Foale

    Just received my "Marathon Talk" tshirt and sweatshirt ..... looks really good!

    13th October 2010 06:58:42
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  2. David Brunton

    Guys, would like a bit of info about the mp3 player issue - you seem to be down on them but personally I've raced with and without so, barring traffic and safety issues, what's the problem on a closed road race? Could you run through the official rules and insurance issues organisers have - it might help everyone understand why. It would help actually if more events pre-announced this rule as I've stood on a couple of start lined where it's been announced (stating rule breakers will be disqualified) and it's thrown a few just as they were getting psyched!!

    Not listened to the show yet but read the notes on Abingdon so if you've already covered it, apologies.


    13th October 2010 09:52:38
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  3. Tom

    Trevor - great stuff, glad you like it :)

    Dave - It's funny actually, mentioning my feelings about MP3 players in races has created quite a stir and we've received a couple of quite irate emails! First of all I must stress that it's simply my personal opinion that I feel MP3 players shouldn't be allowed in races... loads of my friends disagree. I've got no idea re insurance or official health and safety stuff, my comments are simply based on personal experience... as a runner I've on more than one occasion been in pack during a race where someone with headphones on has been completely unaware of those around them and the other runners have been unable to communicate effectively with them, as a race director / marshall I've had runners going the wrong way unable to hear my directions. Neither of those are a big deal and events I help organise, such as parkrun, allow people to use them and as I said 'some of my best friends race with music'... I just personally find them annoying in races... hope that helps, Tom ;)

    15th October 2010 09:37:17
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  4. David Brunton

    Thanks for the reply. Firstly thanks for the kind personal birthday good wishes that came with my hoodie - my wife is a canny operator! I'm really pleased.

    For MP3s, it is a personal thing, but some novice runners need more assistance these days - only 3 years ago it didn't matter but this year I get to the Freckleton Half marathon and they announce no MP3s half an hour before the start. Best advice would be to be prepared to ditch your tunes no matter how motivating you find them - your own motivation and thoughts will kick in to fill the void even if you've never run without earphones - believe me.

    Cheers guys.


    16th October 2010 11:22:37
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