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Episode 55 - Ron Hill (part one)

Released: Wednesday 26th January 2011

Jantastic went crazy and we launched Febulous, Tom pulled a great performance out of the bag, Martin looked toward a three and a half hour run, Tony dressed up as a smurf and we spoke to British running legend and one time marathon World record holder Ron Hill.


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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been Brass Monkey'ing, parkrunning and speaking to a legend.

- Martin's been writing and running... but not press-up'ing!

- Jantastic has had 4,698 runs registered by 591 participants... you rock!

- Tune in next week to find out who's won the Ron Hill jacket and Edinburgh Marathon place

- Fancy joining Martin and Liz for a training day? See Edinburgh Marathon website for details

- Join Febulous via our website or follow this link

19:31 - News

- Rate Your Run averages 8.7 from 153 ratings

- Congrats to Richard Whitehead for winning IPC 200m World Champs (read more)

- Ryan Hall to run US half marathon champs this weekend (read more)

- Mara pulls out of London (read more)

- Haile to run in Manchester 10k (read more)

- Wanjiru in car crash (read more)

- Scott Jurek to pace in New Orleans (read more)

- Gloucester Marathon (results)

- Northampton to Tring (results)

- Dubai Marathon (report)

31:00 - Tony's Trials


37:30 - Training Talk - The Walk Run Strategy

- What does running a marathon mean to you?

49:30 - Rant & Rave

- Matt East raves about quality training and less being more

- Daz Reevell grumbles about niggles

51:10 - Interview - Ron Hill

- Part one of our interview with all-time British running legend and one time marathon World record holder, Ron Hill.

1:17:30 - Winner of the Week

- Myles Mazur - nominated by Jamie Stevens

1:19:30 - Close

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  1. Stephen Jones

    Now on the final leg of the press-up challange Friday will be 97 so if all goes well I should be finished on Sunday with the 100.

    28th January 2011 07:04:18
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  2. Martin Yelling

    Stephen, you are making us both feel somewhat useless! Give us some tips please! Post on FB!

    28th January 2011 07:54:10
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  3. Daz Reevell

    Ooo...thanks for the rant guys, this week I want to rave....can I rave about visiting the chiropractor and getting old achilles tendon issues treated. There may be grunting, there's plenty of swearing, and definately lots of pain but the relief once he's finished is well worth it....oh and the treatment of the achilles is pretty good too.

    So for me, this weeks rave has to be "Taking Steps to Get Your Injuries & Niggles Fixed". I may just make the London startline yet ;o)

    28th January 2011 11:23:13
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  4. Chris Mercer

    Another great episode of MarathonTalk! What an inspiration Ron Hill is, and such amazing stories.

    On the run/walk subject, I have to agree with Tom. As a complete newcomer to running, when I entered the London Marathon, the reason I did it was to say afterwards that I <strong>ran</strong> the marathon. All my training is geared towards running it. I'm not saying there is no place for the run/walk - and if anything should happen to me at any stage during training or the race itself I am more than prepared to alter my plans in order to get to the finish line - but my target will always be to run the whole thing, and that is what I am preparing for.

    29th January 2011 06:59:51
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  5. Andrew

    I'm going to put the opposite view. I'm a run/walk/runner and I'm proud of it. It works for me in training because the recovery is much quicker so I'm back doing quality sessions two days after a long run. It works in racing because I don't get jaded until somewhere between mile 18 and mile 20. It also works because I can get back at it again within a couple of days of a marathon.

    Let's be realistic too, I'm nearly 50, I'm a bit of a chubster and I've spent too much of my life neglecting my body so completing a marathon is a major achievement. OK I didn't run it all, but I did it under my own power. It worked in 7 marathons last year some of which were the slowest ever but it meant I was able to coax an unconfident beginner to her first and second marathon.

    Each to their own.

    30th January 2011 10:02:57
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  6. stephen Jones

    Hello Guys just to let you know I finsihed the 100 press up challenge Sunday morning before doing my 11 miles long run. completed in about 106 days after 4 days not feeling well and a couple of rest days.this task get hard so I extend my time between sets from 5 minutes to 12 minutes the help recover enough the do the last set.

    31st January 2011 02:31:58
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  7. Tom Williams

    Loving the run/walk comments Andrew and Chris... will include both in this week's show :)


    31st January 2011 11:32:38
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  8. Paul G

    As part of my mid-life crisis Im training for a Mountain Marathon here in N.Z (google; Motatapu Marathon) This is the first time in fifteen years Ive entered in something like this and I weigh 95 kilos, so Im beginning at close to ground zero. My whole tactic to finish is to combine running and walking so its refreshing to hear an article of this nature. Theres a great cricket analogy here: a beautiful stroke through the covers or a dubious snick through slips still reads four in the scorebook. All that counts is you achieve your goals. I for one would like to hear more on run/walking strategies.

    4th February 2011 03:19:44
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