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Episode 5 - Nick Morgan

Released: Tuesday 9th February 2010

This week we hear all about super speedy pensioners, chat to Nick Morgan about marathon nutrition for racing and training, catch up with Tony's Trials and discuss training options for running in fancy dress!


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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Helen's exhibition (link)

- Tom struggles on two wheels!

- Spouse 'smackdown' scheduled for Valentines Day! 

04:50 - News

- Marathon Talk breaks through 5,000 downloads!

- Dewsbury 10k (link)

- Surf City Marathon (link)

- Jogger stuck in WC! (link)

- Japanese pensioner runs 2:38... that's 6:02 per mile (link)

- Mara Yamauchi back in action (link)

10:10 - Tony's Trials

- Get well soon Tony!

16:51 - Threshold Intervals

- Marathon specific interval training

- Suggested sessions and progressions

28:59 - Rant and Rave

- How do you like these Apples? (link)

- CHECK OUT THIS inspirational speech from Steve Jobs (link)

- Move aside he's coming through!

33:04 - Nick Morgan 

- Sports scientist for Lucozade Sport

- Nutrition guidelines for marathon success!

1:04:20 - Questions

- How to become the world's fastest fruit.

- Support Andrew via this link.

1:09:10 - Winner of the Week

- Three PB's in three weeks over three distances... Helen Reevell

1:10:15 - Close

- Tune in next week for the spouse smackdown result!

  1. Martin Yelling

    Now there's a treat!

    10th February 2010 02:19:56
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  2. Evil Pixie

    Daz she is a star!!
    Again must agree great podcast once more
    nutrition is so often forgotten.

    10th February 2010 07:46:32
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  3. Daz Reevell

    Great podcast, love Nick's input (some great advice there)....oh and well done Helen on "Winner of the Week", her prize is to wake up next to me each morning ;o)

    10th February 2010 12:28:03
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  4. muskokarunner from Canada

    Loving the podcast, guys! I found you off a link from

    I've listened to episodes 4 & 5 and have gone back for the first 3. Great mix of humour, news and technical info.

    I'm not fast (2:59:10 PB) but not back-of-the-back either so the content really speaks to me.

    Keep 'em coming!

    12th February 2010 02:51:36
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  5. Tom Williams

    Thanks for the positive comments folks... great to hear all the way from Canada!

    12th February 2010 08:57:17
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  6. coco

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    27th December 2010 03:31:22
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