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Talk Ultra: Episode 1 - Ryan Sandes

Released: Friday 27th January 2012

Welcome to the first show of Talk Ultra hosted by Ian Corless & Ian Sharman. We will bring news, reviews and interviews from around the ultra world.


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Show Notes

Show Notes Episode 1

00:00 Show intro music

00:30 Welcome

00:45 Show start

01:15 Intro to who we are

02:10 News from the ultra world

11:50 Blog News

15:30 Interview with RYAN SANDES -

54:00 Review of 2011 and looking ahead to 2012

01:00:16 Ultralegends with Phil Essam -

01:07:10 'A Meltzer Moment' with Karl Meltzer -

01:26:45 Up and Coming Races

01:28:40 - '15 minutes of fame' - Tom Dennis - Running around the world in two years -

01:33:45 Show Close

01:34:40 Competition - win a pair of Hoka One One run shoes - post one photo per person on the Talk Ultra page on Facebook -

01:35:22 Info for Facebook Twitter (@talkultra) and looking ahead to Episode 2

01:38:16 Close


  1. Daniel Weston
    Posts: 106

    Just downloaded it this and looking forward to listening to it on my bike commute to work. Thanks you two superstars.

    Avatar 28th January 2012 11:55:28    
    Daniel Weston Says:

    I've now listened to the whole show. Good quality content. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks for keeping it F R E E. :)

    27th January 2012 07:18:55
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  2. Liza Howard
    Posts: 4

    Really enjoyed the podcast and looking forward to many more. I thought the music in between segments was pretty loud compared to the voices and hard on the ears if you're listening on headphones.

    Avatar 28th January 2012 15:08:21    
    Chris Bradfield Says:

    Agreed. Excellent content, but the music was a problem.

    Also, there was background music during the interviews - very distracting, and if you're like me a wee bit hard-of-hearing, it made the voices very hard to make out at times.

    Avatar 29th January 2012 19:24:18    
    Graham Sheridan Says:

    Totally agree with the comments regarding music during the interviews.
    Content was superb though, and really looking forward to see how the show evolves over the coming months/years/decades!!

    27th January 2012 13:03:58
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  3. I really loved the show, but you I didn't like that you panned the voice so much to the left and right. A little bit might be ok, but not this much.

    Avatar 30th January 2012 10:39:11    
    Spencer Eames Says:

    I agree the panning of the sound made me think my headphone were packing up. Otherwise the show was great, really looking forward to following this.

    Avatar 1st February 2012 18:21:02    
    Julie Wyant Says:

    Yes agreed. Would much prefer the voices to be central. Couldn't hear it all on my headphones while walking along a busy road. Great content, though personally I'd like good updates on ultra running in the UK too. Run further series etc. Cheers Guys. Joolz

    Avatar 4th February 2012 09:51:21    
    Anthony Ashworth Says:

    Congratulations on a great first episode! I didn't find there to be any problenm with the music, and I actually thought the voice panning was a good idea, as being the first show it was important to differentiate clearly between The Two Ians.

    I am a mere marathoner but I find the content here very interesting and above all, humbling!

    Looking forward to next week's show.

    Avatar 5th February 2012 07:58:00    
    Matt Burton Says:

    I paid attention to Marathon talk after noticing the panning. if they use any at all then its very little but it sounds like just the fact that presenter and guest are on different mics is enough to make it sound like they're occupying different sonic space.

    Avatar 7th February 2012 07:11:56    
    Ben Westhoff Says:

    Great content but I also agree that the panning makes for difficult listening. It made me notice even more that one of the Ian's microphones is slightly louder than the other.
    Still an excellent first episode, so much amazing info!

    29th January 2012 13:43:45
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  4. John Kynaston
    Posts: 21

    Thanks for the podcast. It's great that there is one dedicated to ultra running.

    I'm involved in the West Highland Way Race (95miles from Milngavie to Fort William) in Scotland.

    I have started doing podcasts with 3 so far.

    If you have time check them out. You can download them (West Highland Way Race) from iTunes or go to our web site for details ..

    Thanks again and I'm looking forward to future episodes.

    John Kynaston

    3rd February 2012 06:59:51
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  5. Graham McKenzie
    Posts: 99

    Loved the podcast and a great start with the interview of Ryan Sandes.

    Hope they can land the likes of Scott Jurek, Tony Krupicka, Geoff Roes and the awe inspiring Kilian Jornet in future episodes.

    Avatar 12th February 2012 00:47:08    
    CJ Frazier Says:

    You said it...I am really eager to see who they get as well. I downloaded 'Gordy Ansleigh' the other day but haven't listened yet. Though he's iconic (or at least to most ultrarunners his RACE is), he slipped my mind as a prospective guest so I'm super excited to start listening.

    3rd February 2012 22:35:49
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  6. Paul Church
    Posts: 25

    Top work on the podcast, absolutely loved it, great content and hugely motivational.
    Please keep them coming in the same manner.

    6th February 2012 21:37:38
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  7. Simon Lewis
    Posts: 89

    I'm training for my first ultra in May and your podcast has arrived at the perfect time. I listened to your first episode whilst on a 22 mile training run and your chat with Ryan Sandes was extremely motivating.

    I know very little about the ultra running world and I look forward to learning more over the coming months. One suggestion, how about a section for newbie runners like myself. Thanks.

    17th February 2012 21:09:40
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