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Talk Ultra: Episode 3 - Anna Frost

Released: Friday 24th February 2012

It's a whopping show at 2:19 hrs, so, start planning your long runs this weekend.... On this weeks show we catch up with Tom Dennis running around the world, we speak to Shane Ohly on his Ramsey Round attempt and we interview Anna Frost. Phil Essam gives us an Ultralegends, Speedgoat Karl tells us his Good, Bad and Ugly and our 15 mins of fame is UK ultra runner Mark Cockbain


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Show Notes


00:08:08 - News from around the Ultra World

00:11:28 - We catch up with Tom Denniss as he runs around the world

00:17:30 - Back to the News

00:33:20 - We catch up with Shane Ohly after his attempt at running the Ramsey Round and he tells us about The Dragons Back Race

00:46:05 - Back to the News

Pat Farmer

Destin Beach 50 miler

Rocky Road 100


00:47:18 - BLOGS

Dakota Jones

Mike Wolfe

Devon Crosby-Helms

Nick Clarke

00:53:17 - Interview with ANNA FROST 

PE teacher, and new Saab Salomon recruit, Anna Frost is one of those human beings that make the world go round. With sport in her blood from a young age, coupled with that Kiwi tenacity, Anna was always destined for the top.
01:23:07 - Competition
01:24:00 - Ultralegends with Phil Essam
01:30:26 - A Meltzer Moment with Speedgoat Karl -  My first Ultra came in 1996. A friend of mine recommended the Wasatch 100.  I entered with the goal of simply to finish.  I finished that first 100 mile run in 28:26. From this point on, I have now completed 89 Ultramarathons in 96 starts and 12 trail marathons.
01:46:49 - Up and coming Races

In the UK 

The Thames Path 100 

Hardmoors 55

Haworth Hobble

Exmoor Ultra 40 miles

In France

24 hours du Confluent

EcoTrail de Paris 80k and 50k

In the USA

Antelope Island 100 miler, 50 miler and 50k in Utah

Badger Mountain 100 miler and 50k in Washington which Ian S will be giving a talk at and running the 15k

Delano Park 12 hour in Alabama

Double Top 100 in Georgia

Moab 100 in Utah

In Canada

The 6633 Extreme Ultra Marathon

In South Africa

The Addo Elephant 50k and 85k Trail

In New Zealand

Tarawera 100k and 60k with Anton K taking part!

In Greece

The Athens International Ultra Festival with 1000k, 1000miles, 24h, 48h, 72h and a 6 day races – I think we really need to look into this one in a little more depth for the next show!

In Norway

The Bargen Maratonkarusellen Ultra

In Germany

The Lahntallauf 50k

And finally in Australia

The Six Foot track marathon with Frosty taking part
01:53:50 - 15 minutes of Fame with Mark Cockbain 
02:19:36 - Show End


  1. Jonathan White
    Posts: 7

    Good luck to all taking part in the first Green Man Ultra (45 miles) around Bristol, UK

    29th February 2012 23:30:44
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