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Talk Ultra: Episode 4 - David Horton

Released: Friday 9th March 2012

In this weeks show... we have news from around the world, an interview with ultra legend, David Horton, Ultralegends with Phil Essam, a Meltzer Moment with Speedgoat Karl and 15 min of fame with Chris Bairstow


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Show Notes


00:00:45 Show start

00:08:10 News

Thames Path 100

48 hr Treadmill

Mark Barrow

World Run

Copper Canyon

New Races in Turkey


Ray Zahab

Coast Path Run



Mike Wardian

00:34:00 Blogs

James Adams


Geoff Roes

00:42:55 Interview with David Horton

01:15:55 Interview Intermission 

01:43:30 Interview End

01:44:45 Ultralegends with Phil Essam - At UltraLegends.Com we aim to be an interesting and informative resource for all aspects of  ultrarunning and ultrawalking history over the decades.We will also act as a resource for Solo and Journey Runs around the Globe.

01:54:10 Meltzer Moment with Speedgoat Karl - My first Ultra came in 1996.  A friend of mine recommended the Wasatch 100.  I entered with the goal of simply to finish.  I finished that first 100 mile run in 28:26. From this point on, I have now completed 89 Ultramarathons in 96 starts and 12 trail marathons.

Jared Campbell fundraising

02:09:45 Photo Competition

02:10:40 Up & Coming Races

02:15:20 15 mins of fame with Chris Bairstow - My mission, whether shooting documentaries or drama, is to make visually and emotionally engaging films, so that the audience fully immerse themselves in the world of the story and characters.

02:39:24 Show Close

02:43:09 Show finish

  1. Daniel Weston
    Posts: 106

    I'm a keen listener to Marathon Talk and I have also taken to this podcast, not because I'm an Ultra Runner (yet) but because it's a quality show. Thanks again for another one. Can't wait for the next instalment.

    12th March 2012 07:25:19
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  2. Kevin Payne
    Posts: 40

    The Turkish events are interesting but require an ECG test. Surely that is OTT ? Medical certs are a real hassle anyway, but at least the ones you need under French rules are fairly simple. Who wants to pay for an ECG ? Having run something fairly tough before ought to be enough...

    13th March 2012 12:27:29
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  3. Richard Hudson
    Posts: 13

    The show is great, thanks for all your hard work Ians 1&2. I think it could be even better if:
    1. It was a bit shorter! As I do not like to run with an MP3 I am struggling to get enough opportunities to listen to a show of this length.
    2. As a "short ultra" runner (up to 35 miles at the moment) I feel that unless I have done 100 miles I should not be listening to the show, everyone is doing 100 milers or running across continents.
    3. How do you get from being a marathon runner to an ultra runner? I would really love some practical advice on how to do it.
    I hope these comments help. Keep up the good work.

    15th March 2012 21:34:50
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  4. Ian Stewart
    Posts: 8

    As you already know, I'm a huge fan of the show - love it to bits and I believe that before we know it, instead of 26.2 miles, it will be 50k that becomes the 'norm'.

    Similar to Richard Hudson above, you give a great insight into some of the great ultra runners past and present but if possible, can we have more in the way of training? I've gathered lots of info and by using commonsense, have put things together which appears to be working. However, I would like to make the jump from 50k to 100 miles. I've already completed a 50 miler and I'm determined to take on a 100 miler hopefully in 2013, so would value all the info and advice you have to offer.

    Looking forward to this week's show.

    Best regards

    18th March 2012 17:50:20
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  5. Tym Blackwell
    Posts: 32

    a great show guys, keep it up. Would just like to echo the comments above. Have run a couple of marathons and about to tackle my first 50km in a few weeks time.
    How do you go from there to the next step of the 100km. Looking at potentially going for one nearer the end of the year and tips on training and nutrition would be a great help.
    Also the transition from road to trial, benefits of training on both? to date my marathons have been road but recently I have been doing more trail and hills work as I aim for a trial marathon in June.
    Conscious that the ultras are normally trial so again training tips, pros, cons etc

    keep up the great work

    19th March 2012 10:08:12
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